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invite to PaperGirl at Bergdorf-Goodman

TODAY, April 21st. it is a very important day for me.  I am having an in-store event presenting my Spring-Summer 16 collection at Bergdorf-Goodman.

It is important to me on many levels.  Of course there is the very obvious one:  there in no store like Bergdorf's in the world.  Everyone aspires to be there, everyone dreams of a shopping spree there.

My grandmother and mother used to shop there in the 60s when they travelled to New York on their way to Europe.  They loved style and Bergdorf's was the place to get it.

When I came to New York from Mexico, 16 years ago, on my off-days from work, I loved dressing up and walking the floors to see everything. I couldn't afford the clothes, but I could afford the fantasy of looking at all those beautiful dresses (I could also afford my perfume at JoMalone and my face creams at AmorePacific in the Beauty floor).

I had three wedding celebrations with my husband.  2 of my dresses came from Bergdorf's and one I designed.  For our day downtown at City Hall, I wore a white and silver Tori Burch from 5F.  For the church, a yellow Oscar de la Renta day dress with daisies (my grandmother said "nice! the colors of the Vatican flag!").  For the beach "pagan" wedding I designed a pale blue dress over-laid with antique silk lace.

However,  I wanted to be in:  I tried applying for a job to work for David Hoey on the windows. It did not fly....

Then, last year, I got introduced to Betty Halbreich (my eternal gratitude to the person that offered this introduction!), the legendary and fabulous lady that I had read about and had seen on the documentary "Scatter my ashes in Bergdorf's".  I was able to show her two of my favorite dresses from The Seas Collection. All I was humbly hoping was some feedback or advice, instead, she loved them!  She believed my little new company, trusted me and liked what I could create for the girls that dress at Little BG.  She opened the doors of Bergdorf-Goodman. My gratitude goes also to her and the team at LittleBG. Big time!

With this big opportunity, I got busy creating this garden inspired collection that I hoped could come to Little BG. I created the illustrations while on vacation at the Hamptons: making watercolors and drawings while in the beach, by the pool or in the garden.   I love how every dress turned out.  The storybooks that come with each dress are the best I have written (so far ;-).  I put my very best to create something special.

I am proud to share it with you.  I hope your girls love it.

Click here to read Bergdorf's blog intro about us: New to LittleBG: PaperGirl Collection



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