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Spring/Summer 16 "Deep in the Garden" collection

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illustrating a dress

Gardens have always been a fascination for me. I grew up with fabulous gardens tended by my mother and her gardener.  Of course I now live in New York City, in an apartment and my garden delights are now called Riverside Park and Central Park.  In longing for a garden I can cultivate and live in during the warm months I created our Spring/Summer 16 collection called  "Deep in the Garden", it is about gardens big and small, real or fantastic and the animals and creatures that live within them.  

In creating the artwork and stories for this collection we spent a lot of time in gardens of all kinds: wildflower gardens, rooftop gardens, fancy formal gardens, and grassy gardens. This included existing gardens, historical gardens.—real and imagined—in art and science. We sat and drew on site, and we observed and discussed what is concealed to the naked eye.

 As we peeled off the layers of landscaped hydrangeas, roses, and daisies, we discovered all kinds of weeds and bugs. We wondered about the smell of flowers, the dew drops in the morning and little critters who come and go among them. The songs of the birds invited us to envision their chats with fairies and other garden beings.

 These weeks of moving the PaperGirl Studio outdoors have forever changed the way I see gardens. These spaces of calm solace and natural beauty are definitely more complex and bustling than I originally imagined. All it took was a deeper look.

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