PaperGirl Collection

PaperGirl Collection celebrates childhood curiosity, imagination and creative freedom. Our dresses, for girls 9 months to 6/7 years, are beautifully illustrated and each comes with a mini storybook.  

Every dress tells a story for girls to wear!  

PaperGirl loves storytelling, we believe in helping young minds discover, learn and play with art, imagination and fantasy.  We create pieces that spark kids imagination via beautiful drawings and fun stories. Each PaperGirl includes a mini story book with an original story I write and fun facts for girls to discover.  

At PaperGirl studio, we create all the artwork for the dresses and books inspired in nature, art, world cultures, and timeless childhood fantasies. Each collection is thematic:  the Seas, Deep in the Garden, Circus, Into the Forest and coming up next year, Around the World . These original illustrations are used to print the fabrics that turn each piece into a wearable work of art.  It is as if the dress was a page from an artists drawing pad or an illustrated book. My fabrics are printed in the USA with infant-safe inks on 100% cotton and are machine washable.  

PaperGirl silhouettes, inspired in different eras and places. Each piece is both timeless and thoroughly modern and well-crafted with fabrics in natural fibers that kids feel comfortable wearing and are easy to care for moms. 

Coming soon:  room decor!  to expand the story into an illustrated room.

Check out our Spring 17 collection!  "Around the World"  at Vancouver Fashion Week runway show.

When I was a little girl favorite toy was my imagination and my favorite gifts were art materials. All day I was drawing and making things! I went on to study graphic design in Mexico and fine art in Florence, Italy and had the great opportunity of designing brand identities for small brands and big brands (AirCanada and American Airlines are the crown jewels of my branding career).

I love travelling and learning about other cultures, you could say I am a bit bookish but I am really curious about way too many things!

I now live with my small family: me, my husband and my daughter in New York City (the best place to create and make things happen).

When she was born in 2009, everything shifted and I discovered a new world through her eyes.  PaperGirl Collection is the result of that shift:  rediscovering clothes that my mom kept from my childhood, making things for my daughter’s room, telling her made-up stories and reading picture books, looking the world through her eyes and helping her grow into another happy, curious little girl.

In creating PaperGirl Collection, I’ve created my dream job:  drawing, making, storytelling, and enjoyment of life all together. 

This collection of clothes is just the beginning, stay tuned and many more good things will come.”

“Besides being a designer, I am a mom.  I am surrounded by moms (and grandmas) and I listen to what we need and like, what works for our girls. I know moms.”


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